Interactive Salons for women


Intro to Intimacy 

Fall in Love With Yourself

( self-love, confidence, sex tips)


Intro to Tantra

Give and Receive Pleasure

( yoni and lingam massage class)


Intro to Kink

BDSM for beginners

( kink, fetish, BDSM games and toys)



Hypnotherapy Session

Relationship & Dating help with hypnosis


Do you want to improve your relationship or find success in a new relationship?


Hypnosis can help with

– relationship issues within the marriage


– overcoming problems in a long distance relationship


-forming new relationships


– help to ‘move on’ emotional attachment (ex’s)


– fears and problems associated with dating

Self-love & Confidence Coaching

Private 1:1 Coaching 


Are you ready to fall in love yourself again?


Are you ready to explore happiness?


Are you ready to have an orgasmic life?


I’m here for you, LET’S TALK!


“Alexandra is a great inspiration to any women who want to feel and act sexier. If you looking for creative ways to be more sensual. Her knowledge, insights, caring, and guidance was invaluable during my self-healing journey. Her coaching helped me to see feminity, intimacy, and sex in a totally different light!”

Vivien F. – fashion designer

Vivien F.

“Alexandra’s taught me how to love, trust and express my authentic sexy self. Alexandra has a warm and welcoming personality that allows me to say and ask things that I wouldn’t want to necessarily talk about with friends or my partner.  She is frank but kind, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. I’m grateful for her wonderful guidance.”

Monique D. – Actress

Monique D

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About Me

I'm Alexandra.  Sexpert, intimacy and confident coach for women. 

It is my dream, mission, and purpose on earth to empower women to unlock and unleash their radiant sexuality in their own empowered and authentic way.

FREEDOM is your birthright!

Coaching sessions are available over skype or in-person. 

All healing modalities used are serving your ultimate satisfaction and pleasure.

What is FREEDOM?

  • Feel more connected to your body
  • Radiate more sexual confidence
  • Experience more soul in your sexuality
  • Embrace new sexual fantasies
  • Discover alternative sexual lifestyles
  • Overcome shame, guilt, sexual frustration
  • Multiply your orgasms
    How can we work together?

    • Coaching and conversation around sex, intimacy, and relationships
    • Energy or bodywork 
    • Breath-work and meditation
    • Tantric and Kink education